Are You the Kareena Kapoor of Your Squad?

Here are ten reasons that prove that.

Face it, there are many of us who would love to be like Kareena Kapoor! Known to all of us as the queen of sass in Bollywood, that girl can sure make heads turn. Love her or hate her, you simply cannot ignore her. Be it her super glam wedding, her career, her girlfriends or her wit, Kareena sure knows how to make her presence felt . And for all of us who love her, many us gals are more like Kareena then we realise. Here are ten reasons that make you ladies the KK amongst your social sets.

1.You are your biggest fan : self confidence comes as easily to you as it does to Kareena.

2.You always dress to the nines : and do it in a effortless way.

[instagram ]https://www.instagram.com/p/BYD9xwdn5Lp/?taken-by=therealkareenakapoor[/instagram]

3.You pout and selfie game is super strong: and you have tons of pictures to prove it .

4.You are the life of every party : You friends wait for your special brand of sass and wit to brighten up every gathering.

5.You are the queen of having it all : from relationships, social scene, career to friends, you ace everything.

6.You know all the gossip : Nothing happens among your friends without you knowing all the deets.

7.Your relationship rocks: Royal doting husband ? Yes please! Both you and Kareena have the most rocking relationship.

8.You have super strong girl-gang : family included, and you are the pivotal force behind it.

9.You make your own rules : be it film roles or breaking stereotypes on motherhood.

10. You don't need makeup to great: because you are naturally glowing and fabulous.