Here's Proof That Kareena Kapoor Is Even Fitter After Having A Baby

+ what she's doing to get it. 

Kareena Kapoor breaking the Internet with her gym photos is something that doesn't even surprise us anymore. The actor who's taken over the industry with her fit, post-baby body may just be living her fittest life RN. 

Here are some photos to celebrate the fit AF bod and what's she's done to achieve it:

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After taking the world by storm with her uber-stylish maternity looks, Kareena is all set to get back in shape after having a baby. Apart from practicing loads of power yoga, the actress has decided to include pilates in her routine in order to shed the extra kilos fast.

Curious to know what she's done to get the body she has now?

According to a report by The Hindustan Times, "After 40 days of her delivery, she started doing light exercises, including yoga. She has begun doing proper workouts and has included Pilates in her routine. She has also been following dietician Rujuta Diwekar's diet. That has resulted in Kareena losing 12 kgs since she began working out."

The actress said that her aim is not just to lose the weight she has put on and that she doesn't want to lose it overnight. It may take long, but she wants to feel light, happy, and energetic throughout the process.

During Rujuta Diwekar's Facebook live session last year, the dietician revealed that Kareena had put on over 18 kgs during her pregnancy.

Based on that fact, if she lost 12 kgs just a couple of months after giving birth shows that she was more than half way through, months after her delivery. 

Wow! That just threw all our excuses outta the window. 

BRB, while we renew our gym memberships.