The Cut's Article on Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas's Wedding Reeks of Sexism, Racism, and Bitterness

The author's motivations for writing the article can only be an unbidden prejudice against women of colour. 

All views expressed in this article belong to the author and are not those of Cosmoplitan India. 

This past weekend, some parts of the world witnessed a spectacle in the form of the wedding of actors Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. The much-talked-about couple finally tied the knot, over the weekend, in two highly private ceremonies in Jodhpur. Obviously, the high privacy meant that in due time everyone's social media was flooded with select photos of the events and it's all anyone could talk about. 


Now, it's not unusual to hate on celebrity weddings and their perfectly crafted mushy photographs that ensure even the coldest of hearts that true love exists. But even the darkest skeptics can't tear their eyes away from the couple, who are very obviously in love and committed to each other. That sort of love/hate relationship is almost natural for a spectator to have with a celebrity — but to turn that disdain into vitriol is crossing a line. It is something that The New York Magazine's The Cut did today, by publishing an article titled, ‘Is Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’s Love for Real?

Written by Mariah Smith, the article tries its best (and fails miserably) to explain how Priyanka has not only honey-trapped Nick, but is also “a modern-day scam artist.” She mentions Priyanka’s career in passing, and chooses to focus on the fact that she spends lavishly, has multiple homes across continents (with two separate home theatres — the gaul!), and, basically, her wealth, and then holds it against her in the most absurd fashion. She then hates on the fact that Priyanka has chosen to monetise her wedding by selling the photos to various outlets and has apparently some sort of carefully crafted social media campaign to milk the most out of the whole thing. 


And what about Nick? Well, Mariah seems to sympathise greatly with the 26-year-old, because apparently, he has no idea as to Priyanka’s true intentions and won’t even doubt her as he’s always been into older women. She insists that Nick couldn’t even be ready for marriage, as he’s a young man, who couldn’t possibly think of commitment, duh! 

The author’s views aren’t just offensive — they’re racist, sexist, and plain misguided. The article offers no actual argument to support any claim (again, because logic cannot support absurdity) and simply reads as a bitter rant of someone who would rather see him marry a white woman, or an American at the very least. Her ‘accusations’ about Priyanka’s spending patterns are frustratingly banal, as if Priyanka is the first celebrity or public figure to splurge their hard earned money. And that’s the point — it’s her money, so she can choose what she does with it. 


As to the monetisation of her wedding, I would only like to say, “Mariah, welcome to the entertainment business. This is how fame works.” Every actor in the history of Hollywood and Bollywood has done this, and in this age of the Internet, Priyanka and Nick are just following suit with a social media strategy. Nick is no more a naive, little man-child as Priyanka an evil cougar, out to get his money (even though she’s worth way more than him, but who’s really looking at logic anymore?)

What is really shocking, however, is the fact that the author seems to have been living under some kind of medieval boulder all this while. And, maybe, just maybe, she needs to crawl back in and stay there.