"Looks Aren't Everything": Priyanka Chopra On Winning Beauty of the Year Award

The actor spoke about unrealistic standards of beauty, and the amount of work that goes into making her pictures look the way they do.

From the time she was crowned Miss World, Priyanka Chopra has had just about everyone captivated by her dazzling looks and killer smile. Her husband Nick Jonas can't seem to take his eyes off her, and neither can we. Check out some of her latest Instagram posts.

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Isn't she a beauty? Well, we are not the only ones who think so. Priyanka was just awarded Beauty of the Year by People's magazine, as part of their annual 'Beautiful Issue'. When asked what the secret behind her beauty was, the actor quite candidly said,“In the world we live in, the standard of beauty is not really real, and that’s something that we have done to ourselves. I think I realised what all it takes to actually look the way we do on magazine covers and the work we do. That’s when I realised looks aren’t everything, it’s the confidence with which you walk into a room, it’s the ability to do your job to the best of your capabilities.” 


Speaking about her beauty routine, she shared," The way that I take care of my skin is to make sure to moisturise it every day. I take off all my makeup before I got to bed, and it doesn't have to be really difficult. I think hydration is extremely important, drinking as much water as you can, that is truly the elixir of life." When it comes to her future, her vision is crystal clear. She said she plans on being an, “extremely glamorous old lady, who will always have an opinion on everyone. I’ll be super fun and yeah, [mine] will be the house everyone will want to come to.”


Thanks for the beauty tips, Priyanka!

We would just love to be invited over to her house, wouldn't you? We applaud her for giving importance to ability and confidence, and proving that she is a fabulous role model for young girls and women out there. You go girl!