Breaking the Myth of ‘Ideal Body Weight’

Body-weight is not an indicator of fatness or fitness, says celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar. 

Most of us have struggled with body-weight issues at some phase of our lives (blame it on the growing sense of an ideal body image). The desire to gain or lose weight, however, should not stem from any kind of societal pressure but should be a personal choice completely.


“It’s a myth that we must be a certain weight. Body-weight is not an indicator of fatness or fitness,” says Rujuta Diwekar, one of India’s leading nutritionists.


“Any weight at which you wake up fresh every morning, feel like exercising, cheerful and happy is a good weight to be at,” she adds.


If you do wish to gain weight the healthy way without binging on fast food or protein shakes, Rujuta advises shifting to seasonal grains, veggies and loading up on butter and ghee. Especially during winters, include bajra, makai, jaggery, kulith and til in your diet.


“They help optimise health and fitness and ensure a diverse society of friendly gut bacteria for your body,” Rujuta concludes.

There is no such thing as ideal body weight. The ultimate goal is to be fit and feel happy with your body.