5 Exercises From Katrina Kaif's Workout Routine For Killer Abs

One of Bollywood's biggest fitness enthusiast, Katrina Kaif makes working out seem fun and effortless! Here are some exercises from her at-home routine that you can try out too.  

Actor Katrina Kaif and pilates guru Yasmin Karachiwala are a fitness dream team that your at-home workout needs! From basic lunges and squats, their exercise routine comprises of exercises that can be done anywhere and with ease. So, if you are looking to switch up your workout routine or want to have Katrina's enviable fit figure, here are some moves to include in your regime:

Modified Squats

While this exercise makes up for a great warmup move in the actor's set, it is also a great way to work your lower body especially the glutes. This workout involves two sets of 25 reps each of three different styles of squats. So, you start with a set with your feet shoulder-width apart, then with your feet wide apart and lastly, with your feet kept close together. Then, welcome the burn!


A popular move to strengthen your legs, core (hello abs!) as well as to improve balance, lunges feature heavily in Katrina's routine. One is the reverse or backward and forward lunge, which is performed by taking each leg back at a 90-degree angle. The other is the curtsy lunges, where the mechanics are the same but you drop your legs in a diagonal way as if performing a curtsy. 


Love them or hate them, these are the Holy Grail exercises to tone your entire body especially your belly region.T-Planks or overhead planks are a slightly less intense version of forearm planks. Just get into the plank position and alternatively reach one arm upwards. 

Mountain climbers

Another core-buster, form is key to perform this exercise. So, get in the plank position and make sure your body is in a straight line. Keep your spine relaxed, core engaged and glutes tight. Now, start off slowly by bringing one knee to your chest and then other. You can pick up the pace once you have mastered the form. 

Squat jacks

A fun way to get your heart rate up, burn calories and your glutes! All you need is to jump in and out of the squat position while holding your position. Like with everything, start off slow and then pick up the pace as you go.