Times Have Changed, So Why Haven’t Our Style Icons?

Marilyn Monroe, Sharmila Tagore, and Audrey Hepburn have held these spots for too long.


Marilyn Monroe


Sharmila Tagore


Audrey Hepburn

Much respect, but fashion is diff now!

If you’re the moodboard type, we’re willing to bet yours has this very famous Marilyn quote on it: ‘Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.’ The OGs knew how important clothes were in crafting a public image, which is even more true today. But the problem is, they lived in a time when there was only one, narrow view of the ‘ideal’ kind of woman: light-skinned, petite, and ‘modest-yet-sexy-yet-innocent’ with big ‘domestic bliss’ vibes. Well, thank God we’re in the 21st century now, and mindsets are a-changing. So let’s go ahead and anoint the new fashion idols we all deserve.

Alia Bhatt 
She’s proven her acting chops...and with elegant-yet-sexy outfits like this one, she’s fast establishing herself as a fashion 
linchpin, too!


Hailey Baldwin Bieber
All hail (sorry) her structured outerwear and peerless street-style game.


Yara Shahidi 
She’s only 20, but she’s got serious taste. Every! Ensemble! Is! Flawless!


Cardi B
From archival Mugler dresses to tweed on tweed, she wears it all.

Katie Holmes 
Pretty sure millions of people Googled ‘cashmere bra’ after this viral moment.


Harry Styles
You’re lying to yourself if you haven’t Pinned his fashun already.

Ranveer Singh 
We all dare to dream 
as big as Ranveer’s 
red-carpet style!


Celine Dion
Just dressing up or a full-blown live art 
performance? Does
 it matter?

(She’s the only one sitting down because she’s fashion royalty. We are not worthy.)