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Meet the Web Series Star Sayani Gupta

From playing complex characters on-screen to a phobia that nobody knows about...get up close with actor Sayani Gupta.  

The digital world is arguably in its most-loved-yet phase right now, with various streaming platforms capturing the imagination of the audience like never before! This striking shift in the consumption of entertainment has not just birthed an unprecedented domination of the digi-landscape, with several addictive shows to boast, it has also led to the rise (and rise!) of a melange of web superstars!

In an ode to the changing trends, Cosmo gets talking to some of these new-age stars, on how they started out, their journey so far, and why this supremely-talented bunch needs to be on your watch list right now!  

Sayani Gupta
Last Seen In: Four More Shots Please! Season 2 (Amazon Prime)


“I had always wanted to become an actor since I was a child, but it was never an actively spoken thing because, in middle-class households, you can’t really even think aloud that you want to be a professional actor! But I had always been a theatre performer and dancer. After college, I worked for more than a year in the corporate sector but soon realised that I wasn’t enjoying doing what I was doing...and decided to fulfil my lifelong dream, instead. I applied and got through the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune, and that changed everything for me. It made me believe that I can do it. As a person, I’m simple. I don’t like complexities, and that’s why I think I like playing complex characters on-screen. I am extremely straightforward, and call a spade a spade, which may not always be a good thing...but I have some principles that I lead my life with, and they also reflect in my work. Also, I’m not too great with people. I feel socially anxious in a group; I think I do better one-on-one! Many people don’t know this, but I have a phobia of lizards. And I can’t be in complete darkness, so I have to have the lights on even when I’m sleeping. My life, in general, has always revolved around work, art, and nature. And that’s how I want it. That’s what makes me happy!”