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Meet the Web Series Star Nidhi Singh

 From performing at malls as Disney characters to being the buzzword of the town as Tanya Nagpal...get up, close and personal with actor Nidhi Singh 

The digital world is arguably in its most-loved-yet phase right now, with various streaming platforms capturing the imagination of the audience like never before! This striking shift in the consumption of entertainment has not just birthed an unprecedented domination of the digi-landscape, with several addictive shows to boast, it has also led to the rise (and rise!) of a melange of web superstars!

In an ode to the changing trends, Cosmo gets talking to some of these new-age stars, on how they started out, their journey so far, and why this supremely-talented bunch needs to be on your watch list right now!  

Nidhi Singh
Last Heard In: Audio Series of Permanent Roommates (TVFPlay)


“I was raised in Allahabad (now Prayagraj). I was a dancer and loved being on stage. I was introduced to plays through Shakespeare in school, and had a wonderful teacher who’d make us do dramatic readings. That’s when I fell in love with stories and characters! I’d think about them for hours, even after class, and don’t remember anything making me happier than my world of day dreams. Even my reason for coming to Mumbai for college was actually to explore the possibility of becoming an actor. My reality was that I came from a very simple, academic family, and I knew from the beginning that I didn’t want to burden them with my dreams. So I worked in advertising and as a freelancer assistant director to continue to chase after my dream job while keeping a real job to support myself. I performed at various malls as Disney characters around Christmas and New Year, wrote treatment notes for ad filmmakers...I did it all. And I enjoyed it all, because I knew everything took me one inch closer to my goal. My parents were very kind to never question my intent, and they trusted me. One audition led to another, one failed gig to another decent one, and finally, I landed Permanent Roommates. Suddenly, the audience and people in the industry were now taking notice. It was the most pleasant surprise! That shift was very palpable, humbling and reassuring, but I am still scratching surfaces, knocking doors, learning, and gearing myself for more. I am living through my experiences, and possibly trying to make sense of it all while I am at it.”