Varun Dhawan Shares How to Slow Down and Love What You Do

From living life in the not-so-fast lane to his resolutions for 2021, the actor and Reebok brand ambassador tells Cosmo how to appreciate the finer things in life!

The pandemic has allowed many of us to turn inwards and truly introspect. From choosing sustainable modes of living to reducing our carbon footprint, most of us utilised the crisis to change how we wanted to write our legacy. 

So, we caught up with Reebok brand ambassador Varun Dhawan for the Write Your Legacy campaign with the aim: You can’t change what came before you, but you can change what comes next.

Cosmo: What are your New Year Resolutions for 2021 that you are very focused about keeping till the end?

Varun Dhawan:  Okay, one really big resolution I made is to get way more flexible this year and concentrate on better breathing while going about my day-to-day life. I think that is my number one resolution this year. Number two is to slow down from 2019, at least how life was, I was living life too fast. I want to slow down, appreciate each moment, enjoy my work, enjoy each film I do. I don't want to run from just one film to another. I want to enjoy the film and live in the moment. These two are conscious decisions that I have made. And number three is to enjoy in my free time. The free time I have, I don't want to think about work. I want to think about life, because if I can learn from life then I can put it into my films.

varun dhawan

Cosmo: Was there a defining moment in your life that pushes you to write your legacy even during dark times?

VD: I think there are a couple of times and I would not like to say that, you know, this is one defining moment in my career, but I would like to, I feel in every movie, a different challenge comes and in every film you need to stand up, whether it's, you know, saying a great dialogue in one film, whether it's doing a one-take dance move in another film or doing a film like Badlapur or October. And yeah, different moments and you have to stand up. Every film has a challenge and a defining moment.

varun dhawan

Cosmo: How would you wish to write your legacy when it comes to sustainability and giving back to the community?

VD: At the moment, I think the most important thing one can do is wear their mask, when they're in public areas, and when they are surrounded by people. Second is that not to litter, try and keep the environment clean. And third is give your stuff for recycling, and that's the way you can probably contribute to society without being too preachy.