Katrina Kaif's 5 Sustainable Fashion Mantras

The actor shares how you too can look fabulous without harming the planet! 

While the pandemic may have inspired many of us to make conscious lifestyle choices to reduce our carbon footprint, going green is more than just switching from fast fashion to thrifting. 

Hoarding clothes, even if thrifted or hand-me-downs, compulsively shopping for outfits and falling prey to brands are green-washing their practices are just some of the roadblocks in your eco-fashionista journey. So, we spoke to actor Katrina Kaif about her thoughts on what *exactly* does sustainable fashion mean?    

katrina kaif

Katrina says, "My idea of sustainable fashion is to use products that are organic and sustainable in nature." The actor also adds that she has made a few lifestyle changes over the years to be more eco-friendly and so, here are her recommendations for all sustainable fashionistas: 

•    Buy only what you need and don’t believe in compulsive shopping

•    Always keep reading about sustainability and educate yourself in order to contribute towards sustainable fashion

•    Limit the use of plastic items as much as possible

•    Always share your knowledge with others to create and spread more awareness

•    Most importantly, support fellow artisans with their innovations and vision about an eco-friendly future.