Malaika Arora Shares the One Underrated Exercise You Need to Do More Often

From a great way to tone your legs to calming your mind, actor and Reebok brand ambassador Malaika Arora shares the exercise she swears by to keep fit and fabulous!  

You may have often heard the fitness is a state of mind. And, even though that is absolutely true, hitting the gym regularly or holding planks and squats is not everyone's cup of tea! So, if you are looking to have a healthier lifestyle, you may want to take baby steps towards it...literally.

Walking for at least 30 minutes in a day is a great way to improve your overall health and requires no equipment. Bonus, you can also tune into your favourite podcast or enjoy some music (or gossip if you have a workout buddy) while walking. As more and more people turn towards walking to achieve their fitness goals, fitness brand Reebok has launched a new walking range and we caught up with the Reebok brand ambassador to know all about this underrated workout!

Cosmo: Which is the most underrated exercise? 

Malaika Arora: I believe most people do not consider walking as a fitness activity. However, over years of adapting to fit life, I realized that walking has multiple benefits for your entire body. So, if someone spends an ample amount of time in the gym, they can feel similar effects just by walking as well. So, I feel walking is a very holistic form of a fitness routine. 

malaika arora

Cosmo: What are the benefits you have seen yourself when you included walking in your fitness regimen? 

MA: Whenever I feel like I have put on a little weight, walking is one of the most effective ways of exercising to reduce that weight. I have also seen a lot of toning in my legs and overall body while I indulge in walking as a regular fitness activity.

Cosmo: What are some of your most favourite walking gear? 

MA: My favourite products from the walking category are:
•    Ardara 3.0


•    Evazure DMX Lite 3.0 

malaika arora

•    Reebok Ever Road DMX Slip On 4

malaika arora

•    Reebok Lite Slip 2.0

malaika arora