Bella Hadid Just Rocked A Sporty Spice-Inspired Hairstyle

Sporty with a chic twist

To this day, the Spice Girls still serve heaps of fashion and beauty inspiration. In fact, I’m sure you’ve either styled an outfit, makeup look or hairstyle based on one of them. I definitely have – and Bella Hadid’s latest Instagram post is serving pure Spice Girls vibes, too. Namely, Sporty Spice.

Posting a series of pictures on Instagram, the model can be seen with a bubble ponytail, one of the biggest hairstyles of the moment, that is taken right from the 90s.

As if that wasn’t achingly nostalgic enough, Bella completed her hairstyle with two little strands of hair pulled out to frame her face.

Just scroll through the pictures and I’m sure you’ll be reminded of Sporty Spice, too:


Giving it even more of a 90s twist, Bella added tracksuit bottoms, chunky trainers and oversized gold hoops, complete with her name sitting in the middle of them. What a vibe.

Personally, Sporty Spice and Baby Spice were always my go-to’s when I wanted to re-create a Spice Girl moment on the playground so I’m completely feeling this look.

Seeing as the 90s is making a huge comeback, it might be time to whip out some hair gel, some colourful bobbles and vibrant eyeshadow…