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Pete Davidson's Net Worth Has Literally Quadrupled In Four Years

Wow, okay Petey!!!! 🤑🤑🤑🤑

Things that have happened since we last checked in on Pete Davidson's net worth in 2018: there was (is 😭) an entire pandemic, Pete started casually dating Kim Kardashian after hooking up with every other famous celeb in Hollywood, and—ah yes—his bank account literally quadrupled. As in: he's currently worth four times what he was worth four years ago.

Between Pete's stand up tours, his casual job as a Saturday Night Live cast member, his recent super-successful foray into film, and his horny new Calvin Klein endorsement, Pete has been making a ton of money lately. So naturally, it's time for a formal investigation.*

First Up: How Much Does Pete Get Paid for Saturday Night Live?

Pete has morphed into one of Saturday Night Live's most A-list cast members, and consequently he gets paid tons of money for being cute/funny/charming. He's been on the show since 2014, and Celebrity Net Worth reported back in 2018 that his salary was a generous $15k per episode. Each season of SNL runs for 21 episodes, so [*busts out elementary school multiplication skills*] that means Pete was earning approximately $315,000 a year back then. However! The outlet also reports that Saturday Night Live's highest-paid cast members make more like $25,000 per episode (or $500,000 a year), and considering Pete is household name levels of famous now, I feel comfortable speculating that he got a raise. Emphasis on speculating, because this hasn't been confirmed.

And Reminder: Pete's Been in Tons of Movies

Before Saturday Night Live, Pete was on MTV's Guy Code and had bit parts in Trainwreck, Brookyn Nine-Nine and Netflix's Set It Upbut let's assume he didn't make toooooo much from those gigs. Oh! And he was also the voice of "Duck" in a Prime original movie with the incredible name of Click, Clack Moo: Christmas at the Farm. If he didn't earn a cool mill for that role, I will be OUTRAGED.

Of course, more recently Pete's been in The Suicide Squad, King of Staten Island and his Netflix stand-up special Pete Davidson: Alive From New York. On top of that, he has a bunch of big projects coming up including Meet Cute and The Things They Carried. No clue how much he got paid for said big projects, but gonna assume A LOT.

He's Entered the Profitable World of Spon-Con

Pete JUST returned to social media, like literally within the last 24 hours, but not being on the interwebs didn't stop him from getting the ye olde celeb endorsements—he just got 'em the old fashioned way: commercials. Like this one he did for Smartwater:


And much more importantly, this one (via Insta Live) that he did for Calvin Klein:

Machine Gun Kelly & Pete Davidson IG Live (pt. 1) 😂


Again, earned income on these ads is rudely kept private, but considering Pete's total net worth (coming up in a sec), I am comfortable saying he got north of $500k based on nothing but my brain. Now that Petey boy is on Instagram though, I am fully starting a prayer circle to manifest spon-con on his page.

He Also Tours Sometimes!

Pete does a bunch of standup, and he did a full tour back in 2016 called Pete Davidson: SMD. I can't imagine any of these bookings made him much money, but hey. Maybe relatively small comedy tours are huge cash cows? Also, speaking of cows, have you watched Click, Clack Moo yet?

He Has Some Real Estate Investments

Pete isn't out here flipping houses like some celebs, but he does have two (2) homes in the glorious pastoral oasis known as Staten Island. Back in 2016, Pete reportedly bought his mom a $1.3 million home in his home-borough, and the in December 2020 he bought himself a $1.2 million condo a few blocks from his mom's place. Cute!

So, What's Pete's Total Net Worth?

Celebrity Net Worth reports Pete's net worth as $8 million. And lemme just pause right there to inform you that his net worth in 2018 was "just" $2 million. Meaning he's managed to quadruple his earnings in just a few years. At this rate he could be worth $32 million by the time 2025 rolls around.