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”I Look at Yoga as Self-Care and Not Just Working Out": Alaya F

In an International Yoga Day #Exclusive chat with Cosmo India, actor Alaya F shares the benefits of yoga, her journey of wellness and 5 easy asanas to incorporate into your daily routine.

The 21st of June is celebrated as International Yoga Day. Given the occasion, your feeds and devices have no doubt been inundated with images of yoga practitioners flexing their yoga chops. One such avid yoga enthusiast is actor Alaya F, who can be seen performing impressive asanas and showcasing her very bendy skills on Instagram from time to time. So, on the day that celebrates all things yoga, Cosmo India caught up with Alaya for a brief chat about the benefits of the practice and shares 5 easy asanas to incorporate in your wellness routine.

"I have been indulging in different types of workout in order to stay fit and when it comes to Yoga, it has done wonders for me,” shares Alaya, who is seen here performing the Kapotasana, an asana known to increase the elasticity of your spine, thighs, calf muscles and arms. ”I look at yoga as self-care and not just working out anymore. It helps me have a calm start to the day, I am all the more disciplined than before, and it has helped me so much with the flexibility of my body which has been a plus point for my dance routines.”

Alaya F

“It was during the second lockdown that I properly learned yoga,” she adds.”Ever since then, there has been no going back. I try and be as consistent as possible and it has changed my life so much in a very positive way.” 

I usually prefer to perform yoga before I start my daily routine. However, there are so many Aasanas one can do on the go considering the hustle culture we are all part of. My top picks would be, Anilom/ Vilom, Seated twist, Goddess Squat, Bhramari, and Vrikshasana."

Further emphasising the benefits of Yoga Alaya shares, "It helps you improve strength, balance, flexibility, manage stress. You will feel more energised and have a brighter mood. Honestly, there are so many benefits of Yoga not just generic but if anyone is going through specific health issues it can help you cure that as well. I would highly recommend it to everyone to include it in their daily lifestyle."