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Dua Lipa and Trevor Noah spotted kissing in NYC, spark dating rumours

Um, casual update!

Today in Thursday afternoon news you truly weren't prepared to find out that Dua Lipa and Trevor Noah appear to be dating. The Daily Mail published photos of Dua and Trevor "kissing and hugging on a cosy night out" in New York City, where they had dinner at Miss Lily's. The outlet notes that they "have some stellar chemistry" and ended the night with a "romantic kiss."

And before you ask, yes, there is a SOURCE who was in the mood to chat: "They were quietly sitting away from everyone else at the restaurant," an insider mused. "It was clear they were into each other and sat close together throughout the meal. They left together and walked, stopping for long embraces and on the second kiss with hugs."

Dua was last linked to Gigi and Bella Hadid's brother Anwar Hadid, who she broke up with last December. Meanwhile, Trevor was mostly recently linked to Minka Kelly. Us Weekly confirmed that they split up in May, but a source at the time said they “have been broken up for a while” and that “there is no ill will and everything is amicable between them.”

Trevor is extremely private about his personal life, but spoke about his ~flirting style~ to People Now back in 2017, saying “When I meet a woman, I’m still the kid in high school—I’m still like, ‘Hi, my name is Trevor.' Never open with a joke. It is the most horrible thing. Jokes require context. Without context, you’re just some random person who came and told someone they fell from [heaven] or some randomness, and if you mess it up, you look worse and it seems like an insult. No humour! Just say hello. That’s it!”


Credit: Cosmopolitan