21 Photos and Videos That Take You Inside Kangana Ranaut’s Swanky Mumbai Home

Kangana’s apartment is like a mountain home in the middle of Mumbai, replete with rustic walls, wooden-beamed ceiling and a bright entryway

Award-wining actor Kangana Ranaut has a way of staying in news, be it her strong opinions or her movies, her outspokenness or her sartorial choices. Her upscale flat in Mumbai, located on the fifth floor of DB Breeze Apartments in Khar is a reflection her strong personality and is a nod to her Himachali roots. Her swanky four-bedroom pad done up by interior designer Richa Bahl has a vibrant blue entry door, a common feature of houses in Himachal. The rustic walls, wooden beamed and slate tiles have a lived in look. Adding pops of colour to the staid walls are bright art works inspired by women artists, quirky frames and knick knacks. Bright cushions, rugs and vintage furniture add character to the actor’s abode. She also has a walk-in closet that will remind you of Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex And The City. There’s also an expansive garden that adds greenery to the concrete structure and keeps Kangana connected with the outdoors. Scroll down to take a virtual tour of her personal space.