Amyra Dastur Shares 4 Makeup Tricks to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

The actor creates an exclusive look for Cosmo India and reveals a few tweaks that will put all the focus on your eyes

21 September, 2020
Amyra Dastur Shares 4 Makeup Tricks to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Eyes are the windows to the soul and the adage never seemed more apt than the current times. Amidst the pandemic, where masks have become an essential accessory for our outings, it’s the peepers that do all the talking, literally. No matter what the shape of your eyes, you can emphasise them with a few tweaks to your makeup routine. Actor Amyra Dastur, who loves experimenting with her eye makeup, shares a few crucial yet simple tricks to make your peepers stand out 

Step 1: Get the base right 

Amyra says, “One of my favourite make up tricks is putting a little bit of highlighter in my primer. This gets that glow for me.” So before applying your primer, mix a little highlighter in it. “Your face gets that nice glittery glow and then you put on your makeup base on top of it,” she adds.

make your eyes look bigger

Step 2: Add a pop of colour

The easiest way to make your eyes stand out is by adding a pop of bright colour. Amyra says she finds it fun to experiment with eye shadow and pulling off funky looks. “You don’t have to worry about your eye shape. If you want your eyes to look bigger and kind of pop, then use a bright eyeshadow. As you can see we have used this neon green in the corner of my eyes, you can do it with any other bright colour the lighter and brighter it is, the more your eyes will stand out and the bigger they will appear,” she adds. 

Step 3: Highlight the water line

Amyra tells us that this trick is sure to open up your eyes. “I use a subtle nude liner on the water line of my eyes. It’s so subtle you won’t even notice, it will just make the water line appear bright. I don’t leave my house without doing this. It’s one of my favourite tricks and it looks so natural. It’s far better than using a white eye liner because I feel that looks very made up,” she says. So, the more subtle your tricks, the more natural your makeup will look. 

Step 4: Use castor oil for the lashes

Amyra reveals that she doesn’t use false eye lashes as they appear unrealistic. “So what I do is I always carry a little bottle of castor oil with me. I take out the mascara wand from the bottle, add a few drops of castor oil on the wand and then I put it back into the mascara bottle. I basically let the mascara catch on to the wand and then I apply it to my lashes. This also prevents your lashes from clumping and it also gives your lashes a lot of hydration,” she says. She also lets us in onto her secret, “castor oil is the secret to nice long thick hair so the more you apply it on your lashes, the thicker it will grow and the more voluminous it will become”.


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