Billie Eilish just wore a classic primary school hairstyle to perform on stage

With such a nostalgic accessory too.

By Elena Chabo
27 March, 2023
Billie Eilish just wore a classic primary school hairstyle to perform on stage

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Billie Eilish has caused such a storm with her acting debut in Donald Glover's new series Swarm (little rhyme there), that natch' had to remind us all she is still first and foremost a musical genius and superstar. Performing at Argentina's Lollapalooza festival in Martínez, the musician took to the stage wearing an absolute classic primary school hairstyle and made it look impossibly cool.

Her choppy black tresses – recently cut into the trending 'Jellyfish haircut' – were fastened into two simple plaits coming down just past her shoulders, and they were definitely more dishevelled 3:00 pm vibes than school drop off.


Leaving out her full fringe and long face-framing bangs, the plaits were coming out from under a backwards baseball cap, taking the playground nostalgia up several more notches.

While the rest of her makeup was minimal, dark smoky liner framed her pale blue eyes for a dose of her trademark grunge, which when paired with the thick chains and fishnets, kept the look far from school girl.


Later in her set the hat came off and the hair came down (really big day on the playground?), giving a more stripped-back and serious look for the latter part, and really showing off that long grown-out fringe across her eyes. While it might impair vision slightly, it looks seriously cool.

We're tempted to have a go at reviving the hairstyle ourselves, though it would take some careful outfit planning to make sure it looks Billie and not... Pippie.


Credit: Cosmopolitan