Creative couple Porus Vimadalal and Prayag Menon talk about how they spend time together and more

By Team Cosmo
21 September, 2023
Creative couple Porus Vimadalal and Prayag Menon talk about how they spend time together and more

For the world’s first-ever ASMR shoot, Cosmo India quizzed nine creative individuals about the sounds that have a calming effect on them. Amongst those were Porus Vimadalal, a photographer and creative director and their husband Prayag Menon, a stylist and creative consultant. 

Porus Vimadalal, Photographer and Creative Director 

Cosmo India: How do you and your husband like to spend time together? 

Porus Vimadalal: “Prayag and I prioritise spending time together throughout the day by engaging in numerous shared activities. Like, exercising together feels invigorating to both of us and when we’re at home, I eagerly look forward to sipping my afternoon tea with him...That’s a ritual we practice every day. Prayag and I have also established a weekend tradition of enjoying a cosy dinner and movie night at home.” 

CI: What do you enjoy doing when you are free? 

PV: “I enjoy taking care of and nurturing my plants because it makes me happy and offers a sense of fulfilment as I watch them grow and flourish. And since I am someone who is deeply fascinated by the vastness of the Universe, learning about its mysteries fuels my curiosity and leaves me struck with wonder.” 

CI: Are there any sounds that are soothing to you? 

PV: “Some of my favourite sounds include birds chirping, which also signals the beginning of a new day. Also, the gentle rustling of leaves on trees as they sway in the breeze outside our home. Even, classical music has a calming influence on my state of mind. Lastly, the sound of heavy rain because it helps me introspect and serves as a reminder of nature’s power.” 

CI: Tell us about the last thing you laughed at on the Internet... 

PV: “I follow this page on Instagram known as Recess Therapy—the team interviews children across age groups, and asks them simple, fascinating questions. The responses by these young minds are hilariously entertaining, but also surprisingly thought-provoking.” 

CI: What’s on your YouTube watch list? 

PV: “Spiritual videos are a significant part of my routine because spiritual concepts help me with my growth. I also enjoy watching videos that focus on space exploration and astronomical discoveries. I also like videos that turn the spotlight on human psychology and innovative interior design.” 

CI: How was your experience shooting for Cosmo India’s first-ever ASMR cover? 

PV: “Shooting for Cosmo India’s first-ever ASMR cover was a great experience and I was so excited to be a part of it. Thank you to the wonderful team; they made the entire process seamless and fun.” 

Prayag Menon, Stylist and Creative Consultant 

Cosmo India: What do you like the most about spending time with Porus? 

Prayag Menon: “Every moment we spend together is truly remarkable and fulfilling whether it is a minute domestic chore or a simple act of sharing a cup of tea. The moments we share are precious and it is the quality of these shared experiences that strengthens our bond and truly makes each day extraordinary.” 

CI: Tell us about your favourite hobbies. 

PM: “I love educating myself on various topics and I particularly enjoy reading articles on genetic testing and historical features. I even like going through Reddit gossip threads as I binge-eat in the comfort of my bed. Lastly, I love to plan an adventurous itinerary for us; it gets me excited.” 

CI: What are the sounds that are soothing to you? 

PM: “I actually like the tumbling sounds of the washing machine and even the sounds of long hair being brushed. It reminds me of my summer vacation when I’d brush my grandmother’s hair.” 

CI: What is the last thing you laughed at on the Internet? 

PM: “I saw a video of Rakhi Sawant dancing at the airport terminal...I admire her confidence and indefatigable ability to entertain not only us but herself, too.” 

CI: What are videos you watch on YouTube? 

PM: “I enjoy videos on spiritual discourses, food vlogs, music, travel, health or anything I want to learn about. I also enjoy watching YouTube shorts as it offers bite-sized, engaging content to its users.” 

CI: How was it shooting the first-ever ASMR cover? 

PM: “The process of shooting this digital cover was incredibly smooth, allowing me to fully immerse myself in the creative experience of recording an ASMR. I love how the concept of the digital cover perfectly aligned with Porus and my artistic vision, thus making it a memorable experience.”

Photographs by Kushal Gandhi