Drew Barrymore is being praised for getting real about perimenopause

"Thank you for being so real"

By Sophie Williams
30 March, 2023
Drew Barrymore is being praised for getting real about perimenopause

Over the years, Drew Barrymore has cemented her reputation as being one of the nicest (and most genuine) people in Hollywood. The 48-year-old, who's been in the spotlight for the majority of her life, is known for dismantling beauty standards and just generally being an all-round legend.

From her recent relatable 'messy bedroom' tour that saw her speak candidly about modern-day self-care (and how unrealistic it can be) to experiencing her first hot flash on live TV, Barrymore is not afraid to bare all, especially if she knows it can help others.

Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Aniston

In terms of the latter, the talk show host has been inundated with praise for how she dealt with the recent situation, specifically for how real and raw she was.

ICYMI, barrymore was interviewing Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler on Monday's episode of her talk show, The Drew Barrymore Show. In the midst of the chat, where the two were promoting their new film, Murder Mystery 2, the Santa Clarita Diet star suddenly interrupted the conversation to reveal she was having a hot flash.

In medical terms, it describes a sudden surge of hot skin and sweat, and a feeling of warmth throughout the upper body. It's usually the most intense over the face, chest and neck, and is a common symptom of perimenopause (the pre-menopause years) and menopause itself.

Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Aniston

"I am so hot, I think I'm having my first perimenopause hot flashes," the actor said, before quickly removing her jacket. Aniston was quick to respond and help Barrymore readjust her mic, before rubbing her back and gushing, "oh, I feel so honoured."

"I’m so sorry, do you feel this? Or maybe I'm just that excited," the Charlie's Angels actor continued as Jen placed her hand on her neck. As Sandler also confirmed that Barrymore had "a hot hand," the Hollywood star quipped, "well, I'm so glad I have this moment documented."

After watching Barrymore's experience live on TV, many fans flocked to social media to praise the actor for speaking so openly about perimenopause, and for acknowledging the moment.

"I don’t know that I have ever heard a celebrity talk about a hot flash in the moment. Thank you for being so real," one person commented under the TikTok clip that Barrymore shared.

"First time I have ever seen a celebrity announce this in the moment. This is amazing," another fan added.

Credit: Cosmopolitan