Inside Sonam Kapoor’s woodland-themed nursery for her son

It’s a cosy heaven!

15 November, 2022
Inside Sonam Kapoor’s woodland-themed nursery for her son

If you’re looking to move away from the stereotypical pink-for-girls and blue-for-boys colour scheme, Sonam Kapoor has provided you with all the creative ideas you would ever need. She took to Instagram to share a bunch of images that give us a sneak peek into her baby boy’s nursery. In an adorable move, she dedicated this post to all the women who helped her to set everything up.

If you had dismissed a monochromatic colour palette thinking it would not make the room come alive, think again. Sonam chose neutral, earthy tones with playful murals that turned the room into a whimsical safari. The imagery depicts cheetah cubs, baby elephants and even a lion pride. Oh, and birds on the ceiling. She amplified the warm, rustic tones with wooden furniture that compliments the neutral hue of the walls. With soft toys tucked away in corners, photo frames, and lamps, the room feels like a cosy heaven. 

Check out the pics here:

sonam nursery sonam nursery sonam nursery sonam nursery

Accompanying the post, Sonam wrote a long caption which credited everyone who worked their hardest to bring her nursery vision to life. The first line reads, “This post is an appreciation post for the people who helped my mom and I put together everything for the arrival of my baby boy.”

You don’t even need a mood board any more, this post is inspirational enough. Isn’t it?