Jacqueline Fernandez on Life in Quarantine, Skills She Learnt and Staying Fit 

Actor and Raho Safe’s ambassador Jacqueline Fernandez tells Cosmo what’s keeping her busy in the quarantine, the shows on her binge list, fitness regime and more… 

31 July, 2020
Jacqueline Fernandez on Life in Quarantine, Skills She Learnt and Staying Fit 

Jacqueline Fernandez who’s been roped in as the ambassador for Raho Safe, has been making the most of quarantine. If you scroll through her Instagram feeds, you would find her workout photographs and videos, snippets from her detoxifying diets, snapshots of her reading a book or binge watching on streaming platforms. She has been effectively using her time at home. In an exclusive interview, she tells Cosmo about the skills she has picked up in the lockdown and how personal hygiene and social distancing will continue to play a huge role in our lives, going forward.


Jacqueline Fernandez

Cosmo: How have you been staying fit in the quarantine? Share your workout routine.

Jacqueline Fernandez: “I have been beating the lockdown blues with my at home fitness routine that includes activities like dancing and yoga. While I was at the farm for about two months, I did swimming and horse-riding as well. I am a fitness freak and never stopped working out all this while. My fitness routine includes activities that make me feel happy. I don’t look at workouts as a task that needs to be completed. Physical fitness is integral to overall health and well-being, and it is important for all us to ensure that we work out and stay fit to keep our immune system strong now more than ever.”

Cosmo: Is there a new skill that you have picked up in the quarantine?

JF: “During the lockdown, I was in a farmhouse for almost two months and this gave me a lot of time to hone my skills. Apart from improving my Hindi, I also did a course in editing which helped me make my vlogs and understand the entire process. This is a time when all of us have been doing a lot of stuff on our own and have learnt new things in the process. It was no different for me and I am happy I could catch up with many things I may have never had the time to do before.”

Cosmo: What is there in your quarantine watchlist?

JF: “I managed to catch up on a lot of shows and movies online during this period. Some of the recent ones I watched included Typewriter, directed by Sujoy Ghosh and Paatal Lok, I immensely enjoyed both.”

Cosmo: We all have to get back to work eventually, how do you think hygiene will play a role at the workplace?

JF: “Hygiene has always been a part of my life and even before the pandemic I used to carry hand sanitizers along with me to shoots. It will now play a much bigger role on a community level. Given that we have already resumed some work, going forward there will be a much greater focus on sanitization of everything and avoiding unnecessary contact with people and objects. Personal distancing is going to be permanent. Whenever I am not facing the camera or not alone, I make sure to wear a face mask. I believe hygiene is going to be a key part of the re-opening strategy for all workplaces and industries. It is for this reason that I have recently come onboard as  he brand ambassador for Raho Safe. I feel that the brand is doing a great job in making hygiene products like hand sanitizers, disinfectants and face masks affordable and available across India. The brand focuses on sustainability and all its products are PETA certified. For instance, disposable face masks have created a new environmental challenge. To resolve the problem, Raho Safe has created easily washable and reusable fabric face masks, which can be worn daily over a long time. It is this focus on sustainability and hygiene which is a common value shared by Raho Safe and me.”

Cosmo: If we were to look inside your bag, what will we find in there?

JF: “I always keep the Raho Safe hand sanitizer, face mask, lipsticks, tissues and a mobile charger in my bag.”