Jennifer Lopez's latest hair accessory is a summer 2023 essential

JLo's transporting us back to the 60s with this new look. 

By Lia Mappoura
31 May, 2023
Jennifer Lopez's latest hair accessory is a summer 2023 essential

While, for many, summer is thee season of funthink: cocktails by the pool, Friday working hours and tanningit can also be a burden for the few sensitive souls among us. Alas, Jennifer Lopez and her snazzy headband are here to save your scalps.

Confused, much? Well, with, naturally, heightened UVA and UVB rays, sunburn [insert dramatic music here] isn't always avoidable. And by that, I mean you should be applying your SPF Every. Single. Day. But, as we all do, some spots may go a miss; the prime example being your head.

That said, enter hair/scalp sunscreens, sun hats and of course, headband fashion accessories. Because if you're going to be poolside, you may as well do it in style, right?!


Here to provide all of the inspo for the latter is Mrs. Jenny From The Block with her latest Instagram post that comes to us as a promotion her very own cocktail brand, Delola.

In the three-part carousel postthat has now racked up over one million likes, may I addLopez is rocking a beautiful satin hair scarf. And while Lopez's natural beauty and head of hair are doing their thing, props must be given to fashion stylists, Mariel Haenn and Rob Zangardi, who collaboratively worked alongside hairstylist Chris Appleton to create the above look.

Credit: Cosmopolitan