Jennifer Lopez's streaky highlights are so 00s, it’s giving Bratz Doll hair

We're calling this colour 'baked vanilla'.

09 February, 2024
Jennifer Lopez's streaky highlights are so 00s, it’s giving Bratz Doll hair

Jennifer Lopez may have been delighting us with a shoulder-length bob of late, but her latest post is reminding us she'll always be an XXL blowout girl at heart. In a new campaign with luxury handbag brand Coach, the star is sporting extra-long extensions, XL pumped-up volume and extra-emley 00s streaky highlights.

Honestly, the hair-to-body ratio, combined with those delicious streak highlights is really giving Bratz Doll. Yasmin, is that you sweetie?



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The base colour of her XXL 'do is a rich chestnut, falling to below her bra, while the statement stripey highlights are a creamy hue that doesn't quite reach a honey or a caramel, so we're dubbing it: "baked vanilla". This colour combo gives the streaked highlights a softened impact—far from garish—while the colour placement is concentrated around the face. All very fitting for the campaign's 'Get in touch with your soft side' messaging.

The perfectly coiffed 'do was styled by celebrity hairstylist Lorenzo Martin, while Mary Phillips (favourite of Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber) was on hand for the makeup. Mary went for quite a paired-back natural look, leaning in with a fluttery lash. The way that nude lip matches the blush? Artful.

Invisible blended 'multi-tonal' highlights move over, we want to see highlights popping like it's 2006. We've seen the trend from the likes of Khloé Kardashian, Bella Hadid, Camila Cabello, Rihanna—the list goes on. And our money is on this blowing up in the Summer when everyone has the annual urge for a sunkissed colour.

Credit: Cosmopolitan