Kylie Jenner just debuted an extra long scraggly fringe

She looks *so* different!

By Lia Mappoura
28 September, 2023
Kylie Jenner just debuted an extra long scraggly fringe

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Proving that it's officially the season of cosy hairstyles—and not just gloomy weather outside our windows—is Kylie Jenner and her brand new fringe haircut. *Cheers in autumn and pumpkin spiced lattés*

To debut such a dramatic chop, Jenner, ofc, took to none other than the Acne Studios Paris Fashion Week Runway show. And admittedly, while many were fixated on Jenner's 'fit— thanks to her being the new face of the fashion brand—over on the Cosmo Beauty Desk, we were all about the glam... aka, her transformative hairstyle.


Now, while Ky's fringe is not as prominent as say, my block cut circa 2004 (y'know, the classic primary school 'do), she's clearly had some inches chopped off of her face-framing strands, making for a longer, scragglier look.

In comparison to her usual preened-to-perfection style, this 'do is effortless yet chic. And as ever, we love that the mum-of-two is branching out and experimenting with beauty.

Oh, and if you haven't already seen thee viral video taking over everyone's TikTok FYP's, see below.

Credit: Cosmopolitan