Meet the Web Series Star Gurfateh Singh Pirzada

From being an introvert to shifting to Mumbai from Canada to pursue his dreams...get up close with actor Gurfateh Singh Pirzada.

12 November, 2020
Meet the Web Series Star Gurfateh Singh Pirzada

The digital world is arguably in its most-loved-yet phase right now, with various streaming platforms capturing the imagination of the audience like never before! This striking shift in the consumption of entertainment has not just birthed unprecedented domination of the digital-landscape, with several addictive shows to boast, it has also led to the rise (and rise!) of a melange of web superstars!

In an ode to the changing trends, Cosmo gets talking to some of these new-age stars, on how they started out, their journey so far, and why this supremely-talented bunch needs to be on your watch list right now!  

Gurfateh Singh Pirzada
Last Seen In: Guilty (Netflix)


“I’m a slight extroverted introvert, actually. I am happy being in my own space and doing my own thing. But the profession I am in demands me to be out there, to project my life a little, and to be outgoing; so I’m enjoying a bit of both the worlds. Although, the first impression I make on people is always horribly wrong! I come across as arrogant, a snob, but those who know me and my journey well know exactly how simple I am. I love getting to know people, but I’m just shy. I think acting was destined for me. I wanted to become a lawyer, but due to some family reasons, I couldn’t go to college and ended up in Canada right after school. I did a bunch of odd jobs there to get through life, and eventually, my sister and I decided that that wasn’t how life was going to be. So we packed a suitcase each, and moved to Mumbai, without a clue of what next! From there on, everything just took its course! It was a tough journey, obviously, but I guess when you have nothing to lose, you lose your fears of ifs and buts, too. So six years later, here I am... Still not where I’d like to be, ideally, but it’s a good place to be in for sure!”