Miley Cyrus’ lion's mane fohawk hair has us in a chokehold

The natural curls are curling. 🦁🔥😩

By Lia Mappoura
20 May, 2023
Miley Cyrus’ lion's mane fohawk hair has us in a chokehold

Hi, hello and welcome to my ~unofficial~ coronation of Miley Cyrus, the Queen of pop, for her latest hairstyle is anything but 'Jaded' *collective bow of respect*My apologies re the somewhat cringe clichés, but this 'Wonder Woman' brings out my 'Violet Chemistry'. OK, I'll stop...but not before entering the 'Wildcard' that is her lion's mane fohawk...

Just short of 24 hours ago Cyrus took to Instagram to share that she is the latest cover star of British Vogue's June 2023 issue. And of course, to accompany her announcement there came a number of editorial snaps from the shoot.

While most were fixated on the star's [lack thereof] fashion choices (read: nakey nakey naked looks, duh), over on the team Cosmo's beauty desk, our hype lay with her hair.

In one particular shot, Cyrus' naturally curly locks have been teased for extra, extra volume making forwhat we're callinga lion's mane. Mufasa ain't got nothing on our Mils.

Miley Cyrus

Not only that but as shown above, Guido Palau, the set hairstylist, has pulled the side strands of Miley's hair up and over her head. Hence the fohawk style.

Miley Cyrus

Truly stunning.

Miley Cyrus

To give credit where credit is due, we have to also acknowledge the glam of her makeup. Legendary makeup artist, Pat McGrath took on Miley's face beat and created her grunge smokey eye and glossy nude lip look.

Credit: Cosmopolitan