Ranbir Kapoor's T&C for his upcoming movie "Love and War" shows us how to draw boundaries at work

Be it sensible working hours, maintaining a professional environment, or learning to say "no" to toxic work requests, here's how you can set boundaries at work, courtesy of Ranbir Kapoor.

08 February, 2024
 Ranbir Kapoor's T&C for his upcoming movie "Love and War" shows us how to draw boundaries at work

Ranbir Kapoor recently got candid about his experience of assisting Sanjay Leela Bhansali on the sets of Black. As it turns out, it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows. The actor talked about having to kneel for hours, getting hit, and well, let's just say the environment wasn’t very professional. So much so, that his contract for Bhansali’s next epic, Love and War, came with a hefty list of terms and conditions. And if anything, this could essentially be a masterclass for drawing boundaries at work, Bollywood style!

In addition to being cast alongside his wife, Alia Bhatt, Kapoor is also laying down some serious ground rules. No more late nights, no more tantrums, and a whole lot of "work hard, play harder" vibes. Here are some lessons we could all learn from RK when it comes to drawing boundaries at work.

Fixed working hours

As revealed, Kapoor signed the film with a list of strict conditions including 'proper discipline' on sets, which involves fixed working hours. During Saawariya, RK was subject to erratic working hours, something he didn’t want to repeat when shooting for his new movie. Let this be your sign to set boundaries, demand fixed working hours, and say "no" to all who drain the life out of our 9-to-5s!

Say "no" and say it often 

After seeing Kapoor’s terms and conditions, we realise that it’s okay to say no and prioritise our well-being. It’s essential to set boundaries, even if it means saying no to one of the biggest directors in Bollywood. If a job is chipping away at your sanity, it's not worth it.

Communication is key

Don't bottle up your frustration. Talk to your boss—clearly and calmly—about what's not working for you. That’s exactly what RK did. He made sure to communicate his needs with Bhansali for a better work experience.

Know your worth

The film will start shooting in November and wrap up by July 2025. RK requested SLB to finish the film on time to avoid delays on other projects lined up from August. This is a lesson in time management and knowing your worth. It’s essential to remind ourselves that our time is valuable and deserves respect. Don't ever settle for anything less.

Maintain a positive work environment

One of the biggest lessons to learn is to encourage a positive work environment. Ranbir has included all the terms and conditions in the contract to ensure a “civil shooting environment”—one that promotes a respectful work atmosphere. No space for abusive language, yelling, or any kind of disrespect. Creating and maintaining a positive and professional work environment is crucial for personal as well as professional development.

Nonetheless, we’re excited to see what Alia Bhatt, Ranbir Kapoor, and Vicky Kaushal pull off a Sanjay Leela Bhansali production!

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