#CosmoExclusiveInterview With Kangana Ranaut and Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari

Watch as actor Kangana Ranaut and director Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari discuss the importance of sisterhood amongst women, now more than ever before. 

What do women need to change to encourage sisterhood? Kangana Ranaut and Aswiny Iyer Tiwari discuss how women are conditioned to perceive other women as a threat, why it’s impossible for two “young and beautiful” women to be in the same room, how another woman’s brilliance does not overshadow yours, and more....

Editor: Nandini Bhalla
Styling: Zunaili Malik 
Hair (for Kangana): Brendon Degee 
Makeup (for Kangana): Anil Chinnappa 
Hair & Makeup (for Ashwiny): Mitesh Rajani at Feat. Artists 
Production: P Productions 
Videographer: Santosh Mishra
Video Editor: Sanyam Purohit