5 Minutes With Ranveer Singh

We get up, close, and personal with the cool-AF brand ambassador of Carrera!

What you think is the biggest misconception about men?
“That they are not sensitive. The general impression about the male species is that they lack sensitivity, and I don’t think that’s fair. Regardless of their gender, there are sensitive and insensitive people—it’s not something that should be tagged just to men.”

Is the real ‘Ranveer’ different from what we see?
“I don’t really know who I am. I feel like my whole life will be a process of exploring the real ‘me’. I am an enigma to myself...I think I have a mild personality disorder, and being an actor helps me be different people, hence, feeding the disorder.” [Laughs].

What’s your stance on feminism?
“I believe in gender equality, so I feel like it’s lopsided being on either side of the coin, you know? By being a ‘meninist’ or a ‘feminist’, you’re essentially already submitting and subscribing to the fact that there is an imbalance. Why won’t we just accept the equal status goal and move on?”

Okay, let’s talk emojis. Which one’s your favourite, and which ones do you use to flirt with somebody?
“I like the one that says ‘ON’—I use that a lot. I love the yellow face with that little heart kiss, and the one with hearts in the eyes. And I overuse the poop one and the coast.”

Seriously, we need to know the secret to your energy...
“It’s pretty simple: I have a tremendous lust for life, and I approach everything with immense zeal and gusto. I just wanna do a lot, and I want to live the end of my life and feel like I’ve lived as much as possible, and lived it well!”

Your quirky style is always talked about...what does it mean to you personally?
“I love to express myself through my style. It’s an extremely liberating process for me—free of fear or judgement. Though it’s unique, it’s not calculated. I just wear whatever I feel like and, in a way, it’s an extension of my personality as well. Currently, I’m in a ‘retro’ phase, and I’m hoarding sunglasses of all shapes.”

What are the pieces that have caught your eye from the Carrera range?
“The Carrera Pace, it’s my favourite—mostly because it looks good on all face types. Plus, it’s versatile, and looks great with anything you wear.”