You Have Gotta See These Behind-the-Scenes Pictures of Deepika Padukone's Debut Appearance on The Ellen DeGenres Show





Deepika Padukone went on The Ellen DeGenres Show and it looks like the xXx:Return of the Xander Cage star had a blast on the sets!

Here are some fun, behind-the-scenes pictures you should totally check out:

[instagram ]https://www.instagram.com/p/BPY0uyHhQAf/[/instagram]

[instagram ]https://www.instagram.com/p/BPYzNpaALTT/[/instagram]

Speculation is rife that the actor would be joined by none other than Matt LeBlanc! DP also spilled the beans about her equation with co-star Vin Diesel on the chat show.

Can't wait to catch the show already!