6 Katrina Kaif Controversies We Hope Aren't True

#4 was true though.




Bollywood saw a new era of controversies, as Katrina Kaif reigned over Indian cinemas. Her name was enough to create waves of frenzy across the tabloids. Here are the top six controversies we hope aren't all true.

1. 'Boom' or More Like 'Doom'

Her first onscreen debut in Boom featured her doing that nasty scene with Gulshan Grover which has been imbedded in our minds forever. Although, the scene was noticed long after she made it big in Bollywood, it made fans wonder why she did it.

2. Whoa! We're Going to Ibiza

Katrina has always been hush-hush about her relationships and has never come clean about her relationship with Ranbir Kapoor. But playing hide-and- seek with the paparazzi didn't go down well when she was spotted on a beach in Spain with her then boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor. The whole thing entered the next level of controversy when the couple didn't make an official statement about what was going on!

Well, that's one way to shut down people trying to intrude in your personal life.?

3. The Reported Domestic Abuse

It was alleged that the actress had suffered physical abuse by ex-boyfriend Salman Khan. We really wish that's not true! ?

4. The Disastrous Birthday

And no, it wasn't because of the cake. Katrina could never forget her 27 th birthday- after Salman's and Shahrukh Khan's heated argument turned ugly. And thus began their long industry-wide cold war. And yet again she got drawn to another controversy with no fault of her own.

5. The 'Inappropriate' Wardrobe Choice

The internet blew up with nasty remarks about Katrina's 'short skirt' at Ajmer Sharif dargah during the shooting of Namaste London. The whole episode also spoke volumes about how bitter and mean the internet can be.

6. The Fake MMS Scandal

Before you all rush to Google pictures, let us tell you it was just a rumour. But nevertheless Katrina's name was dragged in the mud and sadly she's not the only one who's been defamed in this manner. The dark side of photo editing has spared no one in the industry. ?