5 Classmates / School Friends Of Bollywood Stars Spilled Some Beans

#3 was just a teaser of the future




We know them for the characters they've played or the sassy interviews they've given, but there are people who know them for what they were before the show biz began.

Let's see how these gracious stars are remembered by their childhood friends and acquaintances.

1. Sushmita Sen

Sunaina Yadav, who claims to have lived in the same neighbourhood as Sushmita Sen shared how they used to travel in the same school bus for four years.

"We studied in the Air Force School, New Delhi. She was an extremely striking young girl, who stood out even in school. I remember her as a very good looking, bright extrovert. Sushmita was really friendly and bubbly and would talk to everyone around her. She was not only good in studies but also in sports. She was the sports captain of our school.

I recall that her then boyfriend, Rajat Tara, would come to the bus stop to pick her up in the afternoons. She was always happy to see him."


2. Shah Rukh Khan

Sanjeev Sharma said he knew Shah Rukh Khan in his childhood. He recalls during the early 1980s, Shah Rukh Khan would come to his neighborhood often for a puppet show. He would even snack in the Delhi police canteen.

"He had a charming personality and mingled with the Jats in the training school. He would talk about the movies, and his love for Gauri, his girlfriend then. Shah Rukh would often complain to my father, an ACP (Assistant Commissioner of Police), why Gauri's father was against their marriage because of religion."


3. Vidya Balan

Arijit Basu went to the same college as Vidya Balan.

"I went to St Xavier's College, Mumbai. I was studying Science, and she was in the Arts section. We had mutual friends and travelled by the same harbour line (train service) to college.

A friend introduced us and soon, Vidya and I got chatting in the first class compartment. She said her family had moved to India recently from Iraq. She gave me this real 'dardbhari kahani' (sad tale) of how they had lost everything in the war and had to cross several countries' borders on a rough ride home. She even shed a tear.

At the time, she had had an accident and her hand was in a cast. I was overcome by sympathy for her. Soon, when we got off, I told her if she ever needed help, I'd do my best.

Later, I learnt that she was an actress, and in the television serial, Hum Paanch. The next time I met her in the train, I told her she was a great actress for having pulled the wool over my eyes so effectively! We had a good laugh."


4. Kareena Kapoor

Sakshi Singh, who claims to have attended the same coaching classes as Kareena Kapoor says,"Kareena Kapoor used to live with her sister (Karisma) and mother (yesteryear actress Babita) at Mumbai's suburban Lokhandwala Complex, a few buildings away from my residence. She used to come to my building for her tuitions daily. Back then, she was a chubby and very cute kid with glowing red cheeks. Everyone called her tamatar (tomato).

She would come in a car -- a Premier 118 NE -- even though she lived right next door. Only rarely, would she walk to my building. Incidentally, Kareena is still in touch with the tuition teacher and sends her premiere tickets for her movies."


5. Twinkle Khanna

Navin Shenoy who was in the same school as Twinkle Khanna says, "I studied with Twinkle Khanna or Tina as she was called in standard nine at New Era High School, Panchgani. She was good in studies and always ranked among the top 10 in our class. She used to take part in school plays. But most of the time, she kept to herself and had very few friends at school. I will never forget an incident when she got up to give her maths paper (answer sheet) to a guy in the middle of the standard ten board examinations. One of the exam invigilators caught both of them in the act and in panic, Twinkle nearly tore her answer sheet. However, the invigilator knew who she was and let her off with a warning."