Here's What Alia Bhatt Has to Say About the Snapchat Controversy

She's not deleting the app for sure...




We all know about the Snapchat controversy surrounding its CEO, Evan Spiegel where he allegedly called India a 'poor country'. While the whole episode broke the internet, there were thousands of Indians who uninstalled the app. The app that is popular even amongst the celebrity circle faced a lot of hate for this.

Bollywood celebs spoke on the issue and have shared their opinions. Here's how various celebs reacted to it:

Kriti Sanon was clueless about the controversy and Chunky Pandey didn't know what the app is all about. Alia Bhatt has completely a different opinion on this. She said,"I don't think he has said anything like that." The actor is strongly active on the social media app and has made it clear that there's no chance of her deleting the app for this.

The CEO's alleged comment made people furious and gave rise to a new series of memes. Here's where you can find them:

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Hashtags like #BoycottSnapchat and #UninstallSnapchat have been trending on social media ever since the alleged statement came out.