Did Ranveer and Deepika Just Virtually Confirm Their Relationship?

Click to read the comments they posted on each other's photos.




Ranveer and Deepika are the most adorable couple of Bollywood, both on screen and off-screen. However, None of them has ever confirmed or denied their relationship rumours.

The alleged couple is showering insane amount of love for each other on social media. Recently, Ranveer was in the UK to attend the UCL finalé. Ranveer is no less when it comes to drama. He had posted tons of videos on social media, posing with the players, exploring the stadium,etc. Deepika commented on one such video, where he is entering the stadium as if he owns it. DP didn't think twice before calling him a 'clown'.

Here have a look:

Deepika Padukone posted a picture on her Instagram with a UCL cup, wishing boys luck where Ranveer jumped in and commented on the picture saying, 'Missin ya' with a kiss emoji!

Isn't it adorable? Ranveer completely knows how to be the cutest boyfriend even when he is away.

Here have a look: