Katrina Kaif Criticised for Allegedly Using Botox And Here's What Karan Johar Has to Say

Subtle much?




With the growing advent of social media and its use as a means of expression for people's opinions, or for creating awareness about a social cause; there has been a downside to it as well. Unabashed trolling, slut-shaming, racist remarks — the Internet has witnessed all in the recent times and haters are not holding back even an ounce. From Priyanka Chopra, to Deepika Padukone, no celebrity has been spared from incessant harsh remarks.

The newest addition to this list was, a Facebook post by model and former Bigg Boss contestant, Diandra Soares lashing out at Katrina Kaif for going under the knife, in a supposed attempt to battle the natural process of ageing.

She talked about body positivity, and called out the various hypocritical beauty standards that women are bearing the burden of, in today's times. Even though she claimed in her post that she was in no way taking a dig at Katrina or hinting at her opting for Botox, the social media post went viral nevertheless, stating it otherwise. She ended up deleting the post.

Katrina Kaif seemingly remained unperturbed by the whole controversy, as she did not react to the post at all. In a recent interview with a leading daily, she had talked about her take on social media and its nuances saying, "Sometimes you get good feedback and response, you know you have well-wishers and supporters and that's what you should pay attention to and not the negativity."

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So, it makes sense that she practises what she preaches, and chose to take the high road by not retorting to any objectification. However, her best friend and Bollywood's favourite behind-the-camera celeb, Karan Johar subtly chose to give Diandra a piece of his mind.

The creative filmmaker who has never refrained from voicing his opinion on any matter, took to Twitter to express his thoughts on Botox, stating — "Dear Botox….please leave the universe…you have destroyed what you set out to do….now please pave the way for self esteem again…."

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Even though it is not blatently directed at the Diandra-Katrina controversy, it is very obvious that it is KJo's way of standing up for his friend, and defending her from seemingly 'baseless' claims. There's a reason Bollywood revers him so much, who wouldn't want a friend like that now?