5 Adorable Things Deepika Padukone Has Said About Ranveer Singh

#4 will make you go awww...




1) On his vulnerable side

"I think the only side of him that people don't really get to see is his vulnerability. In all this energy and enthusiasm and happiness, I think a lot of people don't get to see that side; it's very much there."

2) On why she doesn't talk about him in the media

"Why would I talk about something when I am not asked? The point is, that the equation that we share is very, very clear between us and to me that's all that matters."

3) On Ranveer's personality

"For people who don't know him, he might come across as attention-seeking. And I completely understand that because I have to admit I had the same impression of him when he was doing Band Bajaa Baarat. I'd feel like he is too much, too loud and too this and too that. Until we started doing Ram-Leela together and before that during all our workshops is when I realised that what you see is what you get."

4) On his fashion sense

"I completely endorse it, because that is who he is. He is not trying to be someone he is not."

5) On her reaction to what Ranveer wore to success bash of one of her movies…

(Drops her jaw) That. No expression. I was like O….kay!