Guess Which Actor Confessed About Her Obsession With Saif Ali Khan to Kareena Kapoor?!

As revealed on the popular podcast show – #NoFilterNeha.

Neha Dhupia's podcast show on the music app Saavn titled #NoFilterNeha has caught eye-balls for the bunch of juicy gossip that celebs reveal without much hesitation, and is indeed – no filter.

From their crushes, to their deeply hidden secrets; your all time fave Bollywood celebs have spilled the beans in their candid best on this platform, and the show is a definite hit!

One such celebrity who recently featured on the show, confessed about her obsession with Saif Ali Khan, and ICYMI it was none other than–Parineeti Chopra!

In a recent episode, Parineeti revealed that since childhood, she has been mad over Saif Ali Khan, and what's more...she has even shared this with his long-term beau-and-now wife, Kareena Kapoor! We so wish we could have witnessed that spectacle of a conversation that must have turned out to be.

Parineeti revealed, "I used to collect these chips packets on which Saif had a picture and I was obsessed with him. And every time I meet him and even when I've met Bebo(Kareena), I only talk about how I'm obsessed with Saif."

We bet you didn't think a popular actor of today, would have gone to such depths of crushing on a celebrity, as we ordinarily do! *One extra packet of Lays please!*

As if that wasn't enough, she further added–"I used to neatly stack them up and lock them in my steel cupboard I remember we used to have. And till today, those packets are very much there."

While we can only wonder how Kareena must have responded to such a candid confession of a fellow actor's heart-eyed obsession with her hubby, we totally relate to Parineeti in this case. We mean, have you looked at Saif shirtless? *insert fire emoji*