Shah Rukh Khan's Gesture For a Fan Who is Battling Cancer, Will Melt Your Heart

King of Bollywood, or people's hearts?

A fan's life revolves around the star they worship, and there have been umpteen cases of their crazy wishes, or even simple desires of just being able to meet their "God".

It is quite endearing and heartwarming, when the celebrities who enjoy their status and fandom, understand that besides their talent and hard-work is still minuscule in comparison to their fans, and whatever they are is because of the people who adore watching them on the silver screen!

#SRKMeetsAruna—this hashtag was trending on Twitter for a couple of days when a cancer survivor named Aruna's innocent appeal to her idol Shah Rukh Khan to meet her once, started doing the rounds on the Internet.

Aruna had posted sometime in March about her long-going struggle with cancer, and how she is a fighter who derives a major chunk of her inspiration from SRK!

[twitter ]https://twitter.com/Arunapk57/status/837876694199455744[/twitter]

The unfathomable power of social media worked its magic once again, and the tweet immediately went viral, with lots of people requesting Shah Rukh to respond to Aruna.

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Shah Rukh who is known for his love and affection for his fans, got a video posted by his fan club in which he addressed Aruna, and along with applauding her fighting spirit, assured her that he was praying for her recovery! He also said, "I know this for a fact the positivity that you carry around yourself, that you will get well, so soon that we will meet up together and I promise you when I meet up I will do your favourite song of mine!"

[twitter ]https://twitter.com/SRKUniverse/status/921451015332909057[/twitter]

SRK's kind gesture instantly touched the people's hearts, and a series of tweets started pouring in where fans praised the actor for his love for a fan.

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An entire episode that was solely driven by the people, has clearly proved the power in their hands, and the wonders that social media as a platform can do—if channelized the right way (for instance ditch shaming celebs for their body, color, et al!)