Throwback: When Alia Bhatt Revealed Details About Her First Boyfriend...

...and why she broke up with him!

If there's an actress that is currently on everybody's minds RN, it has to be Alia Bhatt! The social media savvy cat-lover, keeps giving fans glimpses of her life, and behind the scenes from shoot, which keeps everyone engaged with her.

Her love life has also been a topic of discussion, and it was rumoured that Sidharth Malhotra is her ex-boyfriend. Recently, the actress was in news for attending her best friend, Kripa Mehta's wedding, and boy did we fall in love with her beauty all over again!

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The actor's Instagram bio reads—"Moody, Floaty, Fire and DESIRE !" And as per self-admission, she is exactly like that. In one of the episodes of popular podcast show, #NoFilterNeha hosted by Neha Dhupia—Alia Bhatt went on a spree and revealed juicy deets of her first relationship ever!

Talking about him, the Gully Boy star said, "Yes, Arsalaan was my first boyfriend. He was sweet and also very possessive…wanted me to wear kurta and jeans constantly."

So this inevitably led to their breakup, his oh-so-controlling attitude! When Neha asked Alia if she is still in touch with him, she said, "I follow him on Snapchat and he is always in the gym. He is doing graphic designing….he is happy."

Not just that, Alia was pretty candid and expressed that she doesn't let relationships tamper with her peace of mind, and her 'moody' nature helps her get over emotional turbulence fast.

"I let go of easily...I am a Chameleon in relationships," said Alia.

Skipping to the present, even though Alia and Sidharth were spotted together several times, for instance, Shah Rukh Khan's birthday party, but the two seemed to have officially called it quits.

Not just that, Alia has also posted a selfie with her ex and supossed BFF, Ali Dadarkar, just recently.