The Pataudi Family is Having a Li'l Reunion in Rajasthan

Bonus: Watch Saif Ali Khan play cricket as Kareena and Taimur cheer him on!

Saif Ali Khan is shooting for his next film helmed by Navdeep Singh in Rajasthan. The film which is yet to be titled, also stars R.Madhavan and Sonakshi Sinha in important roles.

The Nawab was accompanied by Kareena and Taimur and their photos and videos have been going viral on social media, as the Pataudi family is seen exploring the village called Desuri which is 2 hours away from Udaipur. The mommy-son duo joined Saif on his shooting schedule a couple of days ago, and will probably tour around the state a bit.

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Here is the video where Saif is captured playing gully cricket with his young fans, as Kareena and baby Taimur cheer him!

[instagram ]https://instagram.com/p/BfqKLv2Ds1b/[/instagram]

As always, Taimur totally steals the limelight away from his celebrity parents.