THIS Was Sridevi's Last Advice to Janhvi Kapoor to Prep Her For Her Big Bollywood Debut

And the 21 year old is honouring it already.

If fans like us are still reeling from the untimely loss of Indian cinema's iconic actor Sridevi, we cannot even begin to imagine the void her immediate family must be feeling.

Janhvi Kapoor recently celebrated her birthday in a pretty low-key manner at an old-age home, and with her family, as she just turned 21. Her film Dhadak, under the mentor-ship of Karan Johar was slated to release in July this year, and that was why she couldn't accompany her mother to their cousin's wedding in Dubai, being busy with the shoot.

Some months ago, Sridevi's parental concerns over the choice of Bollywood as a career for her daughter was misconstrued, and her statement had received some backlash.

Everyone knew how excited the legendary actor was for her daughter's debut, and would often interview her about what advice would she give her, before she dipped her toes in the testing waters of the industry.

In one of her interviews, which can be assumed to be from her last days, Sridevi talked about how she motivated Janhvi in her capacity as a mother, besides being an actor herself.

"As a mother, like any mother, whether they are coming to this profession or any other, you just tell them to do the right thing. Like, do hard work, give your 100 percent, hard work always pays."

In another interview to DNA, when she was asked about the constant comparisons that Janhvi will have to face after her debut, Sridevi had said,

"We can't run away from that. She has to face the pressure. When she has decided to enter Bollywood, she has to go through all this. She's prepared for all that, and I am also preparing myself for it. Sometimes, it scares me. So many thoughts come and you feel why is she doing this? But then, if you feel that is her aim and happiness, as a mother, I will support her like my mom supported me. We weren't from a film background but it happened and she stood by me, fought for me and made sure I am happy. That's how I would also like to be with Janhvi."

Sridevi's upbringing reflects in her daughter's attitude, as the recently turned 21 year old, is already back to shooting for her upcoming film Dhadak.

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Even at such a young age, Janhvi was rock-solid and composed at her mother's prayer meet, and following her mom's advice, is seen getting on with life, with renewed strength and courage. Clearly, this is her way of honouring her mother's wise words, along with her craft. More power to you Janhvi!

As much as we wish Sridevi was around to celebrate her daughter's most prized moments, we're sure she will continue to rule hearts and be around in spirit, always.