Arjun Kapoor Is SO Not Ready To Be Tied Down





(Photo Courtesy: Instagram)

Why are we on about Arjun Kapoor and the will-he-won't-he question of wedding bells ringing? Because in his next film, we see him as an uber-progessive stay-at-home husband and we realised how not close to home that character really is!

"Abhi toh chhokra jawaan hua hai (I've just come into my youth). How can I think about marriage right now? Let me concentrate on my work, and, maybe, get into a relationship first. Marriage is far away. I haven't even thought about it," said the dapper young Kapoor when asked about the subject.

Oh well, ladies. Guess you'll have to hold out just a touch longer for the man to pull a Shahid Kapoor and knock everyone for a six with a surprise engagement.