Meet The New Face Of Dior Beauty: JENNIFER LAWRENCE!

...that pretty face is worth millions!




If you've been paying attention, you'll know that last week the House of Dior announced Rihanna as their brand ambassador. And this week, there's another new face on the list-Jennifer Lawrence, the Oscar winning actress for Dior Addict Makeup. Of course, this isn't J-Law's first associaciation with Dior. She's already the face of the 'Be Dior', 'Miss Dior' handbags campaigns and let's not forget the gorgeous Dior gown she wore to the Met Gala.

So Dior released the first image (below), which shows Lawrence looking rather natural with minimal Photoshop (as her freckles are still visible). Coffee-smoked eyes with glossy taffy lips complete the picture. The look, like Dior, is classic, effortless and striking and Jenny Law is the perfect way to say 'young' because, hello? Which one us doesn't wanna be her?!

Lawrence's set to stay with them for another three years at a whoa-worthy $15 million. The Dior Addict range of lipsticks will be launched this September in 44 different shades, so pucker up!