Kendall Jenner Ditches the Bra for Calvin Klein's 'The Original Sexy' Campaign




Yep, that settles it. Kendall Jenner is running the modeling game right now. She can do big beauty brands (see that gorgeous Estee Lauder campaign), she can do high fashion, she can do edgy, and she can most definitely do the sex appeal thing.

Kendall's new campaign for Calvin Klein, 'The Original Sexy', has just been released online, and it can pretty much be summed up with WHOA. Here she is, doing the classic and casual 'oh, hey, sorry, you caught me in the middle of getting dressed' pose. And nailing that.

And here she is doing hand gestures that on us normal non-supermodels would look a little bit awkward, but on Kendall manage to look all laidback, cool, and not at all 'crap, I've got a migraine'-y. That is true modeling genius.

Oops, she lost her bra.

Kendall is joined by other ridiculously hot models for the 'Original Sexy' campaign, with Joan Smalls managing to get caught for a photo *just* as she was getting changed.

Plus Isabeli Fontana showing the sensual power of a bra strap that keeps slipping off your shoulder. Annoying in real life, super sexy in a photo.

And Edita Vilkeviciute sacrificing practicality and proper support for the fashionable arm bra.

Calvin Klein also shared the campaign's video on their Twitter, which sees the four models getting sensual and self-strokey to tell us how only Calvin Klein is 'The Original Sexy'.

By Ellen Scott

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