Katrina Kaif's Ex is Cheering For Her Current Boyfriend




Normally, we'd picture a grumpy ex behind a laptop screen, scowling and pictures of his ex girlfriend partying with her current boyfriend. However, that is not the case with Salman Khan. Salman's ex girl Katrina has been partying it up with boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor and rather than dissing him, Salman is actually cheering him on.

Ranbir Kapoor's latest films have not been his best and he's had to face the music. Bombay Velvet, Besharam and Roy, seem to have set the actor back. Despite popular opinion, Salman Khan was very encouraging. In an interview he explained, that failing goes hand in hand with success. He also supported Ranbir by admitting that he too has had a lean phases in his career and that Ranbir shouldn't let that discourage him.

Speaking about Ranbir's Bombay Velvet, he said that if a movie hasn't done well, everyone (including the makers, the critics and the audience) should forget about it. Feeling sorry about it would only affect Ranbir's career. Philosopher Salman also said, "If one hit film isn't enough for an actor to survive in the industry, one flop film doesn't give anyone the right to write off an actor." Woah! We're definitely gonna quote you on that one Salman!

By Rijuta Agarwal

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