Anushka Sharma Got The Former President's Name Very, Very Wrong




Dr. Abdul Kalam was a great man and the news of his passing away this week saddened everybody. People expressed their moments of grief through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Anushka Sharma too, much like everybody else, took to Twitter to express her thoughts, but with one difference. She got the former president's name wrong. Not once, but twice.

This is what the actor tweeted first:

And then she made amends (well, kind of)...she corrected the 'ABJ' and rightly wrote 'APJ' but still did not changed 'Kalam Azad':


Of course things on Twitter got out of hand as users tweeted:

Recently actor Neha Dhupia too faced outrageous backlash on Twitter for supposedly criticizing PM Modi's initiatives. People are viciously attacking actors for these public goof-ups, whether it's for spelling mistakes or miscommunicated thoughts. Ladies, remember, Google before you Tweet is the new think before you speak. But perhaps Twitter users should be more thoughtful too. Lol-worthy trolling is alright, but when the fun turns into an assault, Twitter can be a real scary place. 

By Rijuta Agarwal

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