Pop Video Breakdown #1

Nick Jonas: Jealous




Welcome to the freshest by the littlest of the Jonas Brothers, Nick (and if you've forgotten who he is, this video will remind you in that "Wait, which one....oh, yeah! I thought he was the one who hooked up with Taylor Swift? Or was that the fat one? Was there a fat one?" way).

Nevertheless, the video takes off to illustrate (in the most convoluted fashion in all of time), that Nick Jonas is, in fact, quite jealous.

There are, of course, a series of unexplained elements that don't contribute to the subject, really:

1) Nick Jonas driving past signboards that are deeply symbolic (like 'Leaving Childhood'); and deeply misspelled (like 'Grattitude').

2) A girl who is reading a book with a flipped American flag printed across it, called 'Enough Possible' (Is that Milan Kundera's latest? He's brilliant!)

3) A basketball game with Nick Jonas in a too-tight shirt and a very tall man who is clearly better at the game and at life, where noone seems to be keeping score.

4) A moment for Nick to box created to a) Show off muscles ('F*ck you Disney! I'm a real boy!') and b) throw in a big, cartoon WHAM for VFX chops).

5) Misspelled 'Grattitude' sign morphing into an enormous rock, which Nick seems quite confused to find himself atop.

6) Grandma playing Piano in pop heaven (pop heaven seems to have three inhabitants: Hot girl, piano-maestro Grandma and Nick Jonas)

7) 'Sorry, babe. Older women just float my boat.

8) An extremely dapper old man with a 'B*tch Better have My Money' face as he's counting his Benjamins.

9) Is the girlfriend the brunette? Or the blonde? Is the blonde dating the dapper pensioner? IS THE OLD MAN SECRETLY NICK JONAS?

10) Nick Jonas running delicately and frailly down the bridge (much like a woman in a white nightgown before she screams in a horror film).

11) Random acts of lightbulb vandalism.

12) And the VXF award goes to...

Regardless, this song is catchy as all hell. Damn you, Jonas.