#CoupleGoals : Anushka Sharma Was Spotted Wearing Virat Kohli's T-Shirt

'Cos who doesn't love to wear their boo's shirt?

Ever since the newly wed (although it's been more than three months now!) couple tied the knot in Tuscany, Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma seem to have shed away all their inhibitions and have started being more vocal about their love, especially on Instagram. Have a look at some of the cuddly pictures that they posted, all of which went viral in no time. Obviously!



Recently, Anushka was spotted at the airport. That's fine, no biggie. But, hold on.

Guess what she was wearing? 

anushka sharma

YES. The same tee was seen being sported by her hubby dearest, Virat a few days ago. A couple that twins together, slays together—true. But when they share clothes, it's just aww-mazing.

virat kohli